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1003 Harrison Avenue, Suite 200
Harrison, OH 45030

Phone: (513)367- 4495
Toll Free: (888) 308-3909
Fax: (513)367-7762


Credit Union Board Members: Credit Union Employees:
Board Vice Chairman: Bill Lane
Board Member Since: 2012
Manager and COO: Christan Eldridge
Credit Union Associate Since: 2018
President/ Board Chairman: Christian Conrad
Board Member Since: 2010
Assistant Manager: Della Lutz
Credit Union Associate  Since: 2012

Board Treasurer: Raymond Burke
Board Member Since: 1979
Home Equity Loan Specialist: Angie Davis
Credit Union Associate  Since:  2018
Board Chairman: Douglas Distler
Board Member Since: 2000
Member Service Rep: Kyri Metcalf
Credit Union Associate  Since: 2018
Board Chairman: Linda Litzler
Board Member Since: 2008
Member Service Rep: Sherry Lochard
Credit Union Associate Since: 2014
Board Chairman: Michael Gabrelski
Board Member Since: 2001

Board Chairman: Tom Brackett
Board Member Since: 2013


** Changes reflect the Elections from August 10, 2018